Festival of Creative Learning #Day 1


13:00 | Registration: 

we are anticipating 20 participants at the Hunter building, ECA, University of Edinburgh.

13:10 – 14:00 | Lunchtime Lecture 1:

This introductory lecture includes a brief induction on the subject, discussion with Q & A. Main themes to be discussed as part of the presentation are:

  • [digital sharing economy];Blockchain theory
  • [From online Banking to creative practices]; Blockchain in creative industries
  • [People-transactions-ledgers]; Blockchain data
  • [From intangible to tangible]; Data physicalization
  • [Print the invisible]; 3D fabrication/print

14:00 – 14:30 | coffee break 

14:30 – 15:30 | workshop 1 : creative 3D thinking 

For the workshops, the participants are asked to form groups of 5 including at least one member with a background in design. Each group will sit around a table and will collaboratively brainstorm on the blockchain idea. This workshop aims to engages the participants with the idea behind the blockchain through a creative 3D thinking. This process, is a demonstration for blockchain system as a visible, transparent peer to peer trade system.

The material for the creative 3D thinking workshop are:

  • Play-Doh: Each member of the group in each group will have one color of the playdoh which represent their commodities they are willing to trade. Each person will decide what their playdoh represents and it can be any type of material or immaterial possessions. They will then use the type of possession as a tag for their playdoh to trade. The size of the playdoh objects, represent the value of their commodities.
  • Aluminum forming wire: The wire represent the transaction. When the participants trade their commodities, they will connect their location (source) to the destination by wire. Using wire, helps us to see the transaction history as the workshop goes on.

16:00 – 17:30 | workshop 2 : Blockexchainge by Professor Chris Speed

Blockexchainge workshop

in the second workshop, participants will be more involved in understanding blockchain using LEGO pieces for forming the blocks of values’ transactions.